Why CamberView

Why camberview

The Investor Landscape is Rapidly Evolving

Sophisticated governance teams at institutional investors are driving outcomes in the capital markets by exercising their voting power. Where they believe change is warranted, governance teams are also sharing their views in direct conversations with their portfolio companies' most senior business leaders and board members.

"In the past, some have mistakenly assumed that our predominantly passive management style suggests a passive attitude with respect to corporate governance. Nothing could be further from the truth."
― Vanguard CEO, Letter to CEOs and Chairmen of Portfolio Companies, February 27, 2015

"We take this seriously…the firm believes it has an obligation to protect investors’ interests, respond to the changing corporate-governance environment, appreciate the importance of ‘responsible activism,’ engage in three phases of interaction (ongoing dialogue, proxy voting and direct engagement) and apply common sense to complex issues.” 

― Brian Rogers, Chairman, T. Rowe Price


“Those activists who focus on long-term value creation sometimes do offer better strategies than management. In those cases, BlackRock’s corporate governance team will support activist plans.”

― BlackRock CEO, Letter to S&P 500 CEOs, February 1, 2016

“…We are in the midst of a significant shift in investor and board relations… In the future, direct dialogue between investors and directors will be the expected norm and investors will evaluate board quality and governance practices in the context of the long-term business strategy and performance of the company.”
― State Street Global Advisors, “Changing Board Practices and Culture to Meet Investor Expectations,” August 2015

Our Unique Multidimensional Perspective

We understand how the governance teams voting the proxies at major institutional investors make their decisions and what resonates with them. We have these insights because CamberView professionals have cast votes as investors at the world's most influential asset managers, recommended votes at the world’s two most influential proxy advisory firms, advised companies at top-tier advisory firms, and shaped governance policies and practices at other key governance and regulatory constituencies.

Our Deep Experience with Complex Shareholder Matters

We advise leading public companies across all industries, representing over $6.3 trillion of aggregate market cap on 185+ campaigns on complex and contested shareholder matters.

Comprehensive Services

Our end-to-end services include Proactive Shareholder Engagement Strategies, Activism Preparedness and Defense, Contested and Complex M&A, Challenging Say-on-Pay Votes, Shareholder Proposal Campaigns, and Investor Sustainability Reviews. While clients often seek us out in the midst of a crisis, we are also regularly engaged defensively, to help our clients anticipate activism and governance risks and address them to avoid crises before they emerge.